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Mega Nutrathin Hoodia

Mega Hoodia delivers a powerful 20:1 concentrate of pure Hoodia. Native to Africa, Hoodia was originally consumed as food by indigenous tribes to help endure long hunting trips and now it has became a dietary supplement as an appetite suppressant. Mega Hoodia is one of the most potent formulations of Hoodia available in market these days. Each 2 capsule serving contains 500mg of Hoodia Gordonii concentrated more than 20x, giving you the power of 10,000mg of the Hoodia plant in small & easy to swallow tablets.

Nutrathin Hoodia is manufactured using all natural quality raw materials which are 100% Pure, safe and effective Hoodia Gordonii of Kalahari desert of South Africa. Hoodia Gordonii contains a molecule as potent as glucose in sending a signal to the brain that the body is in a state of satiety. It is a natural organic supplement that kills the appetite and attacks obesity without any known side effects. Nutrathin is made with Hoodia, which is botanically verified to contain pure Hoodia Gordonii from original Kalahari region.






Mega Hoodia & Nutrathin Hoodia are the most potent formulations of Hoodia available in market these days.

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